CERTI LOGO - Long Lasting Stickers (6 in a pack)

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CERTI LOGO - long lasting sticker pack. 

The stickers are long lasting once you've applied them to your chosen object.

You get 6 stickers per packet you order, these are the 6 stickers that are included;

  • 1 white Certi logo small (logo height 2 inches/5.08cm)
  • 1 white Certi logo medium (logo height 3 inches/7.62cm)
  • 1 white Certi logo large (logo height 5 inches/12.7cm)
  • black Certi logo small (logo height 2 inches/5.08cm)
  • black Certi logo medium (logo height 3 inches/7.62cm)
  • black Certi logo large (logo height 5 inches/12.7cm)


Get your stickers by following the below steps;

(-1-) Chose how many sticker packets you want

(-2-) Complete the order process

(-3-) We'll ship your order to you and you'll officially be part of the #certifam

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From Ryan & Team